Bayswater assumes the role of an Custody/Escrow Agent to facilitate operations of Custody/Escrow account as per agreement.


Escrow Services through our service company, Bayswater Fiduciary, we offer tailor made Custody/escrow services for a wide range of assets be it funds, tangible goods or other property such as art or deeds of title - we offer our services as your neutral and trusted Escrow Agen.


 Escrow is a legal arrangement whereby an asset is delivered to a trusted third party (the “Escrow Agent”) to be held pending a contingency or the fulfillment of a condition as predefined in the relevant escrow agreement Upon that event occurring, the Escrow Agent will deliver the funds and/or the asset to the proper recipients. 


Our services comprise establishing and open Escrow Account, periodic reporting of account activity, provide confirmation when receiving and disbursing assets, process of release of assets from the Escrow account, processing facilitating of payments requests, and Customer Due Diligence Anti Money Laundering checks.