The financial industry is going through a significant period of change with tightening regulations, new governance requirements, and higher compliance standards. This, together with a changing business landscape, an enlarging global interconnectivity and ever increasing stakeholder expectations, emphasizes the need to fully embrace Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance ( as the holistic approach to managing and optimising risks.


We believe that the three pillars that are necessary in ensuring every company meets its objectives efficiently and effectively is in the corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management ( and corporate Compliance of an organization. This is because the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance of a company examines the overall strategy, the identification and monitoring of potential adverse threats, and conformity to company standards. As such, we have designed a holistic approach of advisory services based around this discipline. 


Using this framework, we are also able to conduct market feasibility analysis and provide market entry roadmaps to identify potential profit pools and market opportunities, and perform quantitative stress testing, economic capital modelling and implement a risk-based capital framework to get your business off to a running start.