We at Bayswater allow you to focus on your core business activities by helping to strategise and optimise your personal and corporate tax planning, and provide tax agent services to help you file according to the necessary regulations and requirements stipulated by IRAS.



Management Accounting Management accounting is essential for day to day tracking of financial transactions. We help companies in that area by keeping a record of their purchases, sales, receipts and payments, which are essential in the compliance of IFRS as well as those of ACRA.



Our team of professional accountants are skilled in the compilation of the mandatory annual reports to be submitted to ACRA and IRAS. This allows our clients to focus on their core dealings, and to fulfil their primary objectives.

Regulatory Reporting

In general, Singapore incorporated companies (excluding exempted companies) are required to file their financial statements in XBRL format. Our professionals are well acquainted with the XBRL preparation tool BizFinx and can deliver such services with ease.



Our team of professional accountants are skilled in corporate and personal tax planning.